Tuesday, June 13, 2006

guess what's hot

Isulong Seoph is getting hotter and hotter everyday.
competition gets rough and tough.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

for Ash

a simple thought i used to remember how ash was like!

he was so small like a ball.
i use to hold him in one arm
and he dont fear to fall.

i remember that day the first time i brought him home.
he made someone smile and adored him
from hair to tail and from head to toe, .

as days goes on, the little devil in him begun to grow
every mark of him teeth
appears in all furniture we keep

there are more growls, scratches and bites
he never sleeps and shut up at night
unless someone sings him a lullaby, alas his eyes are tired.

time was quick and fast, a tear that shed.
the pain ticks. and my mind gone erased
but his sweet face never fades.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My Good Pal.

name: ashton
breed: spitz poodle
age: 8 1/2 months old
favorite things: play, bite and eat
life existence: august 2005 to may 6 2006
cause of death: snake bite

we miss you ash!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Different Breed Of Dogs.

douge de bordeauxyorkshire terriersyellow labrador retrieverswhite german shepherds
welsh corgisvizslassmooth fox terriersstaffordshire billwirehaired dachshundswheaten terrierswelsh terrierswest highland white terriersspringer spanielssilky terrierssiberian huskiesshih tzushetland sheepdogsscottish terriersschnauzersschipperkessaint bernardssamoyedsrat terriersrhodesian ridgebackspugspoodlespomeranianspembroke welshparson russelold english sheepdogsnorwegian elkhoundsminiature schnauzersnewfoundlandsblack labradornorfolk terriersminiature pinschersminiature dachshundslurcherslonghaired_dachshundsmaltesejack russel terrierskeeshondenlhasa apsoslabrador retrievershavaneseitalian greyhoundsgreat pyreneesgreat danegreyhoundsgerman wirehairedgordon settersgiant schnauzersgerman shorthairedfrench bulldogfinnish_spitzgerman shepherdflat coated retrieversdalmatiandobermandachshundscocker spanielchow chowchocolate labradorschihuahuachihuahuascavalier kingcairn terrierbrussels griffonboxersblack pugbernese mountainbelgian tervurenbearded collieaustralian shepherdsaustralian cattleairedale terriersAfghanscolliesgolden retrieversrottweilersshar-peiwhippets

These are the Different Breed of Dogs, Pick one or Pick All.